Haun Specialty Gases offers the complete MicroBulk delivery system as a solution to reliably and effortlessly manage a diverse range of gas applications. Haun understands the applications and flexibility that customers require. Additionally, Haun understands the importance of preventing gas outages, so we offer a full product line of telemetry systems to suit your business needs. The digital level gauge accurately monitors liquid contents for daily inventory level reporting that schedules timely deliveries.


Metal fabrication uses many different welding processes for the wide range of materials, thickness and product applications. Many of these unique and specialized welding processes use inert shielding gas or the combination of gases to obtain the maximum weld quality and optimized productivity. For single gas requirements, MicroBulk provides you with all the benefits of Bulk in an economical compact package. And for mixed gas applications, the Medley solution provides on-site gas blending directly from liquid storage for the most accurate mixture available and at the lowest cost. 

All thermal cutting techniques utilize gases to assist in the cutting process. High pressure nitrogen and oxygen are used as an assist gas to rapidly remove the molten metal from the cut zone or burn it away during the laser cutting process. To maintain maximum laser uptime and achieve the best cut quality, it is critical that the gas supply be uninterrupted and the required pressures and flows for the material and thickness being cut are maintained. Oxy Fuel and Plasma cutting processes have similar requirements. Only Chart offers an engineered “High-Pressure, High-flow Package” to customize your Perma-Cyl for these demanding applications.

A sufficient supply of high-quality liquid nitrogen is needed to keep valuable biological samples stored indefinitely. Any interruption in supply can result in the loss of many years of research. With the optional vacuum-insulated liquid withdrawal valve on the Perma-Cyl, you get a continuous supply of quality liquid to your freezer—reducing liquid losses and giving you more control. Adding telemetry to the liquid supply, allows you and your gas supplier to monitor the Perma-Cyl liquid level via the internet for added security. For requirements that prohibit a permanent installation, the Perma-Cyl 230 caster base is an excellent choice.

MBE is the method of laying down layers of materials with atomic thickness on a substrate (epitaxial growth). This is done by creating a “molecular beam” of a material that impinges on the substrate in a high-quality vacuum chamber. A cryogenic screening around the substrate minimizes flux of atoms from the chamber walls. During this process, it is imperative that the liquid nitrogen supply be stable and of good quality (the right pressure and temperature) to prevent contamination of the substrate or interruption of the process. MicroBulk eliminates liquid product outages and the hassle of troubleshooting piping controls associated with liquid cylinder exchanges. When you order a Perma-Cyl built with the vacuum-insulated withdrawal, you get engineered controls designed for this demanding liquid application.

A continuous flow of high purity argon gas is required for ICP/ICP-MS systems to repeatedly process material samples trouble-free. With Chart’s UHP Grade Perma-Cyl option and MicroBulk’s short delivery chain, you can be assured of getting the proper purity of argon necessary for peak equipment performance. Similarly, GC’s get the same benefits with a Perma-Cyl in nitrogen service. And with MicroBulk and telemetry, you get a continuous supply of uninterrupted gas so you never have to change cylinders or restart a sample test from a gas outage.

Heat treating and cryotempering processes are dependent on the quality of the nitrogen gas and liquid supply to maintain production at peak performance. With the MicroBulk system directly piped to the equipment or conveniently transported with the caster base Perma-Cyl, these applications are assured of a consistent supply of nitrogen with minimal operator intervention. In the thermal spray coating process, oxygen or argon is used at high pressure and high flows. With the Perma-Cyl VHP ZX coil option, your gas supply will exceed these requirements and provide long-term trouble-free service.

Medical applications have some of the most stringent gas requirements and the MicroBulk system meets these requirements with NF grade availability. Liquid oxygen for respiratory therapy is easily and safely dispensed from a Perma-Cyl into the Liberator® and Stroller style systems to lower distribution costs. Similarly, the Perma-Cyl is an excellent solution as the main oxygen gas supply for hyperbaric chambers. NF grade nitrogen can also be supplied for gas applications to operate pneumatic surgical tools and supply liquid for medical uses such as cryotherapy.

Inert purging and blanketing with nitrogen or argon gas is a common processing step in many manufacturing applications. These range from pharmaceutical to chemical to the wine industry, and they require a secure supply of gas for optimum processing results. With a dedicated Perma-Cyl and the optional telemetry system, you are assured of a continuous, oxygen-free gas supply because cylinder change outs are eliminated.

Electronic grade manufacturing requires an Ultra High Purity gas stream void of contamination. The Perma-Cyl UHP is built with all stainless steel construction from the internal vaporizer to the exterior plumbing to maintain gas purity. And with the MicroBulk delivery system, the reduced handling results in higher purity over conventional cylinder supplies. In a related business, printed circuit board testing performed in liquid nitrogen-powered environmental test chambers require quality liquid at the point of use. For intermittent uses or small chambers, the Perma-Cyl series offers a variety of options to customize the installation for optimum benefits.

In beverage packaging, liquid nitrogen is used to create a positive pressure in non-carbonated drinks to improve the containers rigidity for lower-cost handling. Additionally, this process eliminates oxygen to improve the products shelf life. For food packaging, nitrogen gas yields the same benefits and when combined with carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide for processing meat, a longer shelf life of the desired red color is maintained. The Perma-Cyl gives you optimum control of your liquid and gas supply for maximum production uptime.

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