Take control of your cylinder costs with our computerized cylinder management system.

Our system of cylinder tracking is quite unique. Each cylinder is tracked individually. This virtually eliminates paperwork errors for cylinder movements and provides customers with the lowest cylinder use charge. You only pay for cylinders you have and not for cylinders that may accumulate on your account due to paperwork errors.

We can also point out inactive cylinders since we know when they were delivered. Excess cylinders can create safety issues and will expose customers to unnecessary cylinder charges. Other cylinder control methods can’t provide this information.

It's a system that works for you:

  • Each cylinder has a radio frequency transponder installed
  • On deliver, your customer order number is entered into the hand-held computer
  • Our driver scans each cylinder being delivered and each empty cylinder being returned
  • Our driver prints a delivery ticket on the spot. One copy is attached to your order; the other to your packing-slip
  • The delivery/return information is uploaded daily to our computer

Accurate reporting lets you know exactly where your cylinder inventory is at all times. Reports are generated monthly, are available on demand, and include:

  • Current delivery and return activity by serial number, gas type, and date
  • Monthly usage
  • Average cylinder days outstanding
  • Mode-change opportunities (microbulk)
  • Cylinder at each delivery location
  • Inactive cylinders

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