Medical Gases

The critical demand of supplying medical gases to hospitals, nursing homes, doctors offices and private individuals has long been an important part of Haun’s efforts to serve customers. The term medical gas usually brings to mind oxygen, but there are a host of other gases made to specifications and standards that qualify them for use in critical life situations as well.

Medical oxygen, nitrogen, helium and special mixes, such as anesthesia gases and lung diffusion gases, are produced or repackaged and distributed by Haun under strict guidance and control. The New York State Department of Education, Board of Pharmacy is one of the agencies that regulate medical gas production and distribution. Another is the FDA[Food & Drug Administration]. The FDA provides standards from the federal level.

Calibration Standards, Laser Gas Mixtures, Multi-Component Blends, NIST Traceable Mixtures, Zero Gases, and EPA Protocol Mixtures.

Gas types filled at our facility are Air, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Helium, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Propane, Propylene, and mixtures of these and many more components.

A full line of gas controls and delivery equipment includes regulators, filters, flow meters, traps, purge assemblies, and purifiers as well as manifolds, gas generators, pressure gauges, purgers, and valves. Haun supplies leak detectors, CO2 equipment, hoses, pumps, connection fittings, high voltage indicators, heaters, and a complete line of cylinder accessories. Hardware, fabricated from materials compatible with the gases you are using, provides reliable, contamination-free delivery of gas products from the source to the application.
Pure gases are filled using temperature /pressure charts. Individual mixed gas cylinders requiring tight blend tolerances are filled gravimetrically. After filling, each cylinder is rolled to prevent separation of molecules.

Mixes are analyzed and calibrated against known standards. Certificates of analysis are supplied either per cylinder or batch of cylinders.

Our Knowledgeable full time Specialty/Medical gas sales people are available to provide the guidance and support you need to resolve regulatory, technical, and safety issues. One call does it all! 

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