Haun offers customers the industry’s most complete line of gases, the broadest range of cylinders and supply options, the highest quality gas equipment, and the most comprehensive array of support services—all backed by world-class research and development by the most extensive manufacturing and distribution available today. This portfolio of services, including inventory management programs, cylinder tracking services, gas systems operation and maintenance, engineering services, and electronic commerce helps you cut costs, improve efficiencies, and, most importantly, allows you to concentrate on what you do best while we manage all your industrial gas-related needs.







Carbon Dioxide



Liquefied Gases




Specialty Gases

Medical Gases

Gas Mixtures

Gaseous Chemicals

As you can see by the exhaustive list above, we support many industries including manufacturing, laboratory, and medical. These products are normally delivered by one of our trucks but can be picked up by you or shipped via common carrier, if you prefer. A list of areas serviced by Haun can be found in our locations section.

Safety Data
Sheets (SDS)

Safety Data Sheets [SDS] provide the user with information concerning the identification, composition, hazards, and safety measures relating to hazardous materials.

Haun Specialty Gases can help you obtain the SDS you need.

Certificates of Conformance

A Certificate of Conformance is a typical analysis based on the specifications for the product requested. These are available for all the gas/gas blends that we fill and distribute. This certificate is also known as a typical cert. It is not an actual cylinder/vessel analysis. If the certificate you are looking for is not available we can provide it for you upon request. Please click on the appropriate name below for your pdf document.

Pure Gases


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