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Haun Welding Supply, founded in 1958, distributes welding and industrial supplies, safety equipment, commercial cleaning equipment, compressed gases and liquid gases. Now operating 22 stores throughout the Northeast region of the United States.

Vision Statement

We will be recognized by our customers as the finest supplier of welding and gas products and services, dedicated to providing uncompromising quality by consistently fulfilling customer’s expectations through innovative solutions and teamwork.

Along with retail sales, Haun also offers equipment rental and repair services, as well as welding training at select locations. 

Industries serviced by Haun include construction, fabrication, manufacturing, commercial, medical, laboratories, food & beverage, education, and homeowners. 

One of the major segments served by the company is gas supply. To strengthen and more fully support that area of business, Haun Specialty Gases was formed in 2005 to specialize in gas supply. Haun Specialty Gases owns and operates a specialized, high efficiency gas fill plant which supplies high-pressure industrial and medical gases as well as high-purity specialty gases. The gases are distributed in either liquid form or as a high-pressure gas through more than 100,000 cylinders and dewars in the Haun system. 

Haun Specialty Gases manufactures most of the specialty gases it sells, enabling it to meet critical delivery requirements of both Haun Welding Supply and its direct customers.  

 Today we are continuing the tradition of quality customer service started by our founder, Orval Haun. Haun Welding Supply and Haun Specialty Gases are committed to providing customers with innovative solutions to the myriad of technical problems faced by manufacturers, fabricators, maintenance personnel, and the individuals who are the foundation of the welding industry. 

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Josh Haun


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