Haun Rewards Program

Customer Rewards Program to long-term customers

Business relationships don’t just happen; they develop over time. Haun Welding Supply offers this Customer Rewards Program to long-term customers for even greater savings and convenience on equipment and services. In business, we feel loyalty should be recognized and rewarded. The advantages of the Customer Rewards Program become yours when you sign the Haun Welding Supply Cylinder Gas Agreement. This gives you The Edge.

No Risk on Equipment Purchases

Customer Rewards Programs customers enjoy a 30-day, money-back guarantee on qualifying new welding equipment purchases.

Limited Liability on Lost or Damaged Cylinders

Cylinders can become damaged or misplaced while in the field. Another benefit of becoming a HAUN Rewards Program customer is if this happens to you the cost to replace those cylinders is limited to $100 for up to 10% of your normal rental balance.

Equipment Rental Rate Discounts

As a HAUN Rewards Program customer, you receive a 20% discount off published equipment rental rates during the initial term of the agreement.

Haun Rewards

HAUN Rewards Program customers receive 90% credit on rental payments towards the purchase of new and used equipment rather than the standard 80%.

Labor Rate Discount on Service Work

HAUN Rewards Program customers receive 20% off labor charges on work performed by our service department, including preventive maintenance on equipment during the initial term of the agreement.

Automatic Damage Coverage on Rental Equipment

As a HAUN Rewards Program customer, the charges to repair HAUN rental equipment that becomes damaged while being rented, due to an accident and not renter’s negligence, will be limited to 50% of the repair [see #2 for limited liability on cylinders].

Free Welder Training

Training is an expensive but necessary part of any business. HAUN Rewards Program customers are eligible for one free day of welder training for up to 6 people at HAUN’s fully-equipped, state-of-the-art classroom and welding lab once during the initial term. Additional training classes, at your facility or ours, are available for a 25% discount.

Free Loan of Equipment

As a HAUN Rewards Program customer you are eligible for the free loan of replacement equipment while your equipment is in our service department for repair during the initial term of the agreement.

Free Safety Training

Safety has become paramount in today’s workplace. HAUN will provide one free safety seminar to its Rewards Program customers on the handling and use of welding products and compressed gases.

Emergency Delivery Program

HAUN also waives the additional charges for weekday emergency deliveries for Rewards Program customers within 30 miles of the store [minimum purchase requirement may apply].

Priority on Inventory

Occasionally gases and products can experience short supply. As a Rewards customer, you will be given first priority on any item we sell that is in short supply.

Extended Labor WarrAnty

Upon occasion, equipment can fail after the warranty period. When Rewards customers purchase welding equipment from HAUN, the labor on repairs will be covered for one full year beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.

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